Determining if you’ve got protein overload or moisture overload

As I struggled to determine what was wrong with my hair, I cam across this link and it sounds like a certified Hair doctor in person, ┬álol. It is also congruent with other research I did but with more detail and stuff. So, I’m gonna try out the suggestions, because my diagnosis from this is that I’ve got protein overload……actually not surprised since I had this deep protein treatment done about 2 days ago. Its just my diagnosis tho so I’ll try out the remedy in the link I posted earlier. I’ll be sure to let you’all know how it goes.

Now its back to work!




Oops! Here’s the link:


Got protein overload?

Got protein overload?

This site seems to know what its saying, and in my research, I found it to have┬áthe most detailed recipe for protein-free moisturizer……….as well as protein moisturizer! I’m definitely going to try this out.